Alien Arena - VR Arcade game


Our client wanted to make a simple VR Pong game only, but it finally becomes a rich, fun, and challenging game.

by PhS Team

Something is coming... Do U copy...


Do U Copy? is a fully VR asymmetrical communication-based party game. To achieve your objective, you’ll need to communicate and progress together!

by PhS Team

4D theatre for Airplane museum


The Reptár Airplane museum´s goal was a 360° video playback system in VR devices with moving chairs synchronized with the movie.

by PhS Team

Dark Side of Anubis VR experience


Our client´s goal was an escape room like multiplayer VR experience with HTC Vive Pro Headsets, Vive Trackers and backpack computers.

by PhS Team

Attack of the Bugminator - AR


Attack of the Bugminator has a special place in our hearts. The whole project started with a HoloHackaton back in 2018, Budapest.

by PhS Team

Pocket Money Simple - Mobile app


Where Does My Money Go Each Month? With Pocket Money Simple, you can easily record your spending in almost any situation.

by PhS Team

Just Don´t - Mobile game


Always keep the bricks away from the hell! And (of course) just don´t let the ball fall down too!

by PhS Team

IWEN - Mobile game


Train your brain with colour game! This game looks really easy. Based on Stroop effect, you have to pull out the card to the colour what is written on the card.

by PhS Team