Why Us?

Why would you choose us?
Because you would have a team by your side that would treat your project as their own. We are a team: this gives you safety, as it means your success is not reliant on a “one-man army”. With us, for any given task you have at least two highly competent people who are able to replace each other, should any unexpected situations arise. Our greatest team asset is the creativity we demonstrate when solving problems.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we’re able to further enhance your original plans and thus create a more special and more complete experience for your users. This way we can embark on an incredible adventure together.

Nothing testifies to the credibility and reliability of our team more than the fact that all of our projects have been completed to the agreed deadline and that our customers continue to seek us out whenever they have new project ideas.
Why would choose ourselves?
It’s been a long journey for us to find ourselves: we used to repair PCs, build websites... but all along we always felt that we wanted to contribute more to the world. We had this constantly recurring thought of wanting to create something that is of value to our customers and to the users as well – to be able to someday tell our grandchildren that it was us who had created it. For nearly two years now our sole focus has been to develop AR/VR/MR games and experiences in the Unity engine. We have found our specialty and we are sticking to it – it’s what we’re good at.
Why would a prospective co-worker choose us?
Because we love what we are doing – we believe that experiences should be lived, not survived. There are days when we are coding nonstop. But it’s not this nonstop work that turns an AR/VR/MR game into a real experience: it’s the long brainstorming sessions, often lasting until the early hours of the morning, that had preceded it. In these sessions everyone is free to contribute their ideas and experiences, and as a result everyone can look at the project at hand as their own. Oh and last but not least we have a wide range of mobile and VR devices, ranging from the oldest and weakest to the newest and best, therefore we can extensively test every project we work on.
Why not choose us?
We’ll leave it up to you to answer this question. If you are interested, come visit us and see how we work in our little “experience lab” – let’s make your dreams come true together!