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Hockey Shooter VR big change ahead


Responding to the huge interest, feedback and user requests, we are improving the game. The update will be available soon.

by PhS Team

VIVE Focus 3


We´ve finally come to share our experience with Vive Focus 3. Now let´s look at the pros and cons.

by PhS Team

We proudly present MAGES


Would you like to challenge your friends in an easy, cross-platform multiplayer VR game?

by PhS Team

Introducing the new Meta Accounts


In August 2022, Meta will begin rolling out a new Meta account structure that gives people more flexibility and control in VR.

by PhS Team

How to avoid VR Sickness?


You have to know how to start using VR devices to avoid the symptoms of VR sickness, which can discourage you in the first minutes.

by PhS Team

Have you tried yet? Varjo XR-3


The world’s only human-eye resolution mixed reality headset with the widest field of view guarantees the most naturally immersive experience.

by PhS Team

Canon and Virtual Reality


Canon´s new VR system now offers a faster and more efficient way to create professional VR content.

by PhS Team

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality


Almost without exception, everyone has heard the terms augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). The two concepts are similar, yet serve two completely different purposes.

by PhS Team

Facts or rumours - Apple VR headset


Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that the VR headset could debut in mid-2022 and will be much cheaper than previously rumoured.

by PhS Team

iOS 15 vs Android 12


Apple and Google provided insight about phone features designed for an era of hybrid remote and in-person work. Both of them reflect the way our lives and work today.

by PhS Team

Pigment Garden - GGJ 2021


We have succesfully completed our game in just 36 hours for the 2021 Global Game Jam.
The GGJ Mission: To empower individuals worldwide to learn, experiment, and create together through the medium of games.

by PhS Team

Making multiplayer VR experience #2


So, the next big task was to figure out how we place the base stations. At the start, we used ten of them. The more is better, we thought. Spoiler alert, it´s not.

VR escape room: Dark Side of Anubis

by PhS Team

HTC Vive Focus Plus Quick ˝review˝


This article won´t be a real review, cause we aren´t journalists, or testers. We just developers, whom love to play with weird or rare gadgets, and sometimes we have opportunities to do that. Now we would like to share our experiences.

by PhS Team

From one month to two and a half year


The whole Attack of The Bugminator story started back in 2018 on HoloHackaton hosted by Microsoft. After two sleepless days, we finally presented the game on HoloLens to the jury.

by PhS Team

The most difficult task: how-to-play


When you developing a game for a long time, it´s easy to skim over some of the fundamentals. Especially on how you teach the gamers to play your game, because you playing with your game a lot.

by PhS Team

Attack of the Bugminator


Attack of the Bugminator is an MR/AR space tower defense, where the player has to defend the planets from the vicious army of the Bugminator, what are marching against humanity through wormholes to end our existence.

by PhS Team

Making multiplayer VR experience


Dark Side of the Anubis is a VR experience, where up to five people can walk through a pyramid´s dungeon and explore its secrets.

by PhS Team

Making AR gameplay video


The process of creating a video about your game that draws the attention of the audience is quite hard, especially for AR. Instead of put-up and prerendered gameplay, we want to present the actual gameplay in real places.

by PhS Team

Houdini Game Jam 2020 (

Here is the one week long Houdini Game Jam. We have participated in several Game Jams already, but all of them was 2-2.5 day long and looking back from now, we did a lot in those relatively short periods. From this perspective, one week is a very long time.

by PhS Team