Attack of the Bugminator - AR

Our new AR space tower defense game for iOS and Android

Attack of the Bugminator is an MR/AR space tower defense, where the player as the Commander has to defend the planets (one at a time) from the vicious army of the Bugminator, what are marching against humanity through wormholes with unshakable intent to end our existence.

The player must place turrets on the planet's surface, but she/he must do it carefully because the planet is spinning. There are more types of enemies, as well as turrets, which can be unlocked through the game and the player can bring only three of them to a level.

AR space tower defense

Spectacular and fun game ...

Attack of the Bugminator has a special place in our hearts. The whole project started with a HoloHackaton back in 2018, Budapest. At that time, we haven't seen HoloLens in real, so we thought the best way to find out, what can it do to develop something for it. The device itself is mostly meant to be in the industrial, medical, and alike areas, and the bigger part of the participants have made applications that closer to these.

AR space tower defense

... for everyone, ...

We only wanted to have fun and get to know the hardware capabilities, the platform, and the process of developing for it. And we accomplished, we had a lot of fun (inversely proportional to sleeping time). We had decided to create a game and Attack of the Bugminator was born. In the end, we liked what we have done in roughly two days, and the reception also was awesome.

AR space tower defense

... everywhere :)

So after some weeks, we started the development from scratch for a more widely available platform, mobile AR.

And here we are, after two years of mostly free time development, we finally released, and we hope that you will enjoy playing it as we enjoyed developing it.

You can check it out and download at

Have fun!