Build & Drive Racing close to release

Get ready for a new experience on Windows desktop and VR, where you get to build your ultimate racing machine,

tailored to your driving style and optimized for performance, or race to the finish line with a monster what makes you smile.

With stylised graphics and arcade-like physics, every turn, straightway and ramp will put your skills to the test.

Feel the thrill of the race like never before in VR, as you immerse yourself counting the seconds on the home stretch.

So what are you waiting for? Get behind the wheel and start building your car today.


The race is on!

The demo game is updated weekly with new updates such as AI driver, new and upcoming challenges, visual and gameplay improvements. 

Follow the changes on our YouTube channel and website.

The pre-launch demo game is available on Steam, Oculus/AppLab and Sidequest.


Build and Drive Racing demo

Build and Drive Racing demo