˝Free Guy˝ and Augmented Reality

Ryan Reynolds, aka "Free Guy" is a self-aware NPC, a "non-player" character who is just collateral damage in a shootout. To the delight of gamer viewers, the film also features gadgets and weapons familiar from popular video games, as well as some famous streamers. Viewers with some programming knowledge will probably be surprised by some of the unrealistic solutions, but of course, the story and entertainment are the primary goals here.

Free Guy and AR

The film does make you wonder how much virtual or augmented reality will infiltrate our everyday lives in the coming future.

The expected revolution of AR glasses is eagerly awaited by much of the tech world, but for ordinary people, it is still a distant future. Free Guy might change that a bit, and also raise viewers' curiosity about the practicality and capabilities of AR glasses.

If you haven't seen the film yet, here's the trailer: