Canon and Virtual Reality

Canon's new EOS VR system and the RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE lenses offers a faster and more efficient way to create stunning, professional 180° VR content with stereoscopic effects, from the first step through to the final result.

EOS VR system and the RF 5.2mm F2.8L DUAL FISHEYE lenses

Canon's innovative new solution for capturing 180° VR images simplifies the whole process. It takes advantage of the RF capture system, which allows the creation of a compact dual-fisheye lens that projects stereoscopic left and right eye images onto a single full-frame sensor. This innovative design effectively eliminates problems associated with lens alignment and image synchronization. Captures the two side-by-side fisheye images directly to a single file. This makes conversion and export of the final stereoscopic VR image easier and more reliable.


What used to require alignment, synchronization, and messing around with multiple camera/file systems is now much easier with Canon EOS VR Utility1. It makes converting surround and still images for editing and playback much more efficient. You can even import Canon VR images directly into Adobe Premiere Pro1 and convert them automatically using the Canon EOS VR plug-in.

Canon EOS VR Utility lets you pre-cut Canon VR video files before conversion. However, if you want more freedom besides the quality and editing for more professional-looking material, you can use Adobe Premier Pro to import files converted into the EOS VR Utility. You can also easily use the Adobe Premier Pro EOS VR plug-in to import and convert EOS VR files in one go.

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