VIVE Focus 3

Besides the numerous new games we've been developing, we've finally come to share

our experience with VIVE Focus 3.

The unboxing, the contents of the box, and the main features are all here in the video, so please enjoy:

It's important to highlight that this device is primarily designed for businesses. Some of its features may not make it the best choice for home use and gaming.

Now let's look at the pros and cons:


  • One of the most useful details is the easy, two-move switchable battery, which can be charged in the headset and - even when using an extra battery - separately from the headset.
  • Also, focusing on charging, another brilliant detail is that the controllers are not battery-powered, but can be easily charged simultaneously using a Y-cable to charge both controllers at the same time.

  • The lightweight material and weight balance make it more comfortable for VR users, even for all-day use.

  • The synthetic leather face cover is comfortable and easy to clean. Super useful when you share your headset with others.

  • There are two USB-C ports on the device. One of them is hidden under a cool magnetic cover.

  • The storage space of the device can be increased, thanks to the memory slot under the face cover.

  • It's very useful that the tutorial is short and most importantly, it's skippable, saving VR developers a lot of time.

  • It has higher resolution then Meta Quest 2, (but uses the same processor, so this feature is more useful when connected to a PC).


  • The first challenge for us was switching the device on. The button is not on the front or side of the headset like other standalone devices, but on the very back of the headband.

  • The built-in fan is extremely useful, but its noise is sometimes annoying.

  • Hand-tracking works well, but the controllers are sensitive when they are not in use, not even stable - thanks to their design - so any tiny movement will set them on or make them fall from the table, and the hand-tracking will be lost.

  • It uses the same processor as the Quest's, but the resolution is higher, so this feature is more enjoyable in the PC version than standalone.

  • Perhaps its biggest weakness is the software background, but that's not a particular problem for business users. There is no free text search function in the own store, you can only browse through categories. The only problem with this is that you can't search for a game specifically. Another problem for users is that the prices of games are not shown in the listings, only on the game's store page.

Do you have any other experiences that you would like to share with us?

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