Hockey Shooter VR now AVAILABLE

Hockey Shooter VR game is now available.

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Have you ever dreamed of being alone in a hockey stadium? Is the rink just yours for unlimited fun and practice?

Put on your VR headset and step into a virtual reality, where the new Hockey Shooter VR game gives you the chance to try yourself.

You can be sure that at least one of the 4 game modes will challenge you to upgrade your skills.

In Free Play mode you don't even have to worry about the number of pucks. Just skate, trick, score goals in a completely empty stadium that's all yours!

Choose Target Practice mode and hit the targets as accurately as possible if you would like to improve your shooting skills.

Want to practice accurate long shots between the two ends of the rink? The Long Range is made for you!

If you like challenges and difficult obstacle courses, you'll love the 4th game mode.

Now you can be among the first to try the premiere version and give us your feedback to help us make the game even better.


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