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We were searching for ourselves for a long time: we repaired PCs, made websites, but we always felt that we want to give more to the world. Continuously came back the thought to create something valuable to our customers and users, that someday we can boast with what we have done. In the last two years, we have purposefully and exclusively developed AR/VR/MR games and experiences in Unity Engine. Now we finally are doing what we love and are good at.

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What we want to do and we are good at:
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Latest from the blog

VIVE Focus 3


We´ve finally come to share our experience with Vive Focus 3. Now let´s look at the pros and cons.

by PhS Team

Build and Drive Racing


We have just started developing Build and Drive Racing, a racing game for VR and desktop

by PhS Team

We proudly present MAGES


Would you like to challenge your friends in an easy, cross-platform multiplayer VR game?

by PhS Team
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